Young Bluebirds

Junior Quiz

This quiz is mainly for young people under the age of 12. But anyone can have a go. The questions are all multiple choice with only one correct answer. The answers can all be found by looking carefully around you at the sites of interest. There are questions for 18 of the sites on the trail. After completing the quiz you will get a score. There are two points for each correct answer with some of the other answers scoring a bonus point instead.

No. 1 – Look on the War Memorial where it gives the dates of the two ‘Great Wars’. In which year did the Second War begin?

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No.2 – What is Maison Dieu House used for?

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No. 3 – Find the plaque for the Zeebrugge Bell on the Town Hall. When is the bell rung?

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No. 4 – Find the plaque near the gates to Dover College. What was the name of the famous organist who worked there during the 16th Century?

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No. 5 – St.Edmund’s Chapel is named after a saint. Where did he come from?

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No. 6 – How long ago was the Roman Painted House built?

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No. 7 – There are two clocks on the tower of St.Mary The Virgin Church. What does the one on the right side use to tell the time?

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No. 8a   Market Square has been used as a site for markets and fairs for many centuries. When was the first recorded fair held here?Look on the heritage information panel in the middle of the Market Square to find the answer.

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No. 9 – There is a narrow lane running along the side of the Market Hall (Dover Museum). What is it called?

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No. 12 – If you look inside the ruins of Old St.James’ Church, you will that some of the old gravestones have been fixed into the floor. Find the stone of Elizabeth Barnard and find out what was the name of her husband?

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No.14 – Look closely at the monument to Captain Matthew Webb. What creatures is his bust resting on?

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No.15 – What was Operation Fuller also  known as?

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No.16 – Find the answer to this question on the Merchant Navy Memorial. What was the longest battle of the Second World War?

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No.17 – What was Charles Rolls the first man to do?

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No. 18 – Look down towards the Rifles Monument. What is the name of the road leading up to it?

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No. 20 – According to the Dunkirk Memorial, how many men were rescued between two dates in 1940?

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No. 21 – Look on the ‘Frontline Britain’ Memorial. Who unveiled the memorial in 1994?

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No. 23 – At the end of Waterloo Crescent, on the other side of the road, are the offices of Dover Harbour Board. In which year was the Harbour Board founded?

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