Follow the Trail

Bluebird Trail MarkerThe Dover Bluebird Heritage Trail is about two miles long and takes in some of the most significant historic buildings and monuments in the centre of the town and seafront. The trail is marked by 34 directional bronze pavement markers featuring the Bluebird logo.

The trail starts next to Dover War Memorial and ends near the Prince of Wales Pier on Dover seafront. There is then an additional (optional) section which ends on Admiralty Pier for those wanting a bit more.

Dover Bluebird Trail GuideUsing the Guide Book
You can follow the trail using the printed guidebook available from Dover Visitor Information Centre which is at Dover Museum in the Market Square. Get directions to Dover Museum here. Or you can download a PDF version here.

Dover Bluebird Trail AppUsing the App on your smartphone or tablet
The free Bluebird Trail App gives more detail about the places on the trail and is GPS aware to help you follow the route. Once the app is installed it will not require an internet connection. Users wishing to preserve battery life may wish to use the app from the menu with GPS sensing turned off. Download the app from this page for your iOS or Android phone.

For Windows phone please use the website.

Following the trail with this website
You can also follow the trail with this website with an internet connection on your phone or tablet. Please be aware that this will use part of your data allowance.
Use the map page to follow the trail. Each pavement marker and each place of interest is listed on the map. The pointer contain an introduction to each place and a link to further information and photographs where available. The map will be aware of your GPS location if you are near the trail (if this is activated on your device).

There is also a quiz for the younger people on the trail. More interactive quizzes and games will be added to the website.